Vegas Indoor Skydiving, formerly known as Flyaway, operates the United States’ first indoor skydiving facility built in 1982.  At Vegas Indoor Skydiving, guests will earn their wings and experience bodyflight during a simulated skydive experience in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.  The experience is similar to skydiving with the addition of a mesh trampoline floor and foam padded walls.  Guests are able to experience the freefall aspect of skydiving without the use of an airplane or parachute.


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Open 7 Days a Week

9:45 AM - 8:00 PM


**Nov 16th Holiday Hours Start**





200 Convention Center Dr



Holiday Hours!

November 26th 9am to 4pm.

November 27th, 28th, 29th 9am to 9pm.

Guest Reviews

"Once In A Lifetime Experience"


"AMAZING! INSANE! Ahhh! The most extraordinary experience of my life! It's insanely good and I recommend to everyone who's going to Vegas! You've got to do this! I'm definitely coming back! Well done, guys!" - Rayssa J

"Well Worth Every Dollar!"


"My son and husband did this last year and couldn't stop talking about it. So this year my daughter and I joined them and I have to admit it was a ball. I'm not an adventurous person at all but I thoroughly loved it! They run things smoothly and profession but with a great sense of humor. Braden was our guy and he was so much fun and very patients. I highly recommend this!" - Susan P

"Bucket list check off !! Fabulous adventure"


"Fabulous, safe!!!, bucket list check off !!! Levi is a great instructor. He made us feel safe, comfortable, & emphasized RELAX & HAVE FUN. All of the staff are very professional & friendly. The equipment is very good. It is a RUSH, & the experience of a life time. Will go again!!!" - Fran A



"This was an awesome experience! I can write about it. I can tell you about it. I can show you pictures of it...but none of this will compare to you actually experiencing it! This is akin to seeing Niagara Falls, or the Grand Canyon in person. Describing what you saw and felt is a start but the descriptions will still fall short compared to the actual experience. Upon arriving at the facility I was greeted by various staff members. Everyone I encountered spoke to me with a salutation such as Good Morning! How are you today! Everyone was personable and professional.  After I got registered I was assigned to a group of a few other people who would be indoor skydiving with me. We were instructed to place any and all loose items into a locker which was secured with a key. We were escorted to a training room where we met our Skydiving Instructor, LEA. Lea is a Superstar! She is an excellent Instructor and extremely knowledgeable. Lea provided us with some do's and don'ts and some procedural details. We viewed a short video and signed a waiver. Lea then provided us with our Skydive suits, ear protection, eye protection and helmets. Lea was readily available to assist any of us if we were having difficulty putting the gear on properly. We entered the wind funnel and followed the instructions we had been given. We each took turns individually floating and flying in the tunnel. While floating and flying is not very difficult, you can get blown into a padded wall. Lea assisted each of us to ensure we stayed in the "Sweet Spots" of the funnel where maximum lift is achieve.  There was one lady in our group who did very well and Lea was able to fly tandem with her! How cool is that!!! You had to see it to truly appreciate it! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and truly appreciated the professionalism and courtesy of the staff...especially SUPERSTAR LEA!" - Smit-tee

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